Teaching/Coaching Books

Cool, Awesome and Educational!

This magazine style book gives a wonderful introduction to maps, map reading, and orienteering for students aged 6 to 15. It includes numerous exercises for teachers to use with students in the gym and in the schoolyard.

Schools Orienteering

School Orienteering is a comprehensive 225 page book written by a teacher, for teachers. It is all about developing orienteering activities for students in both primary and secondary schools. Author Frances Stone was a member of the British Orienteering Team, and has been instrumental in developing orienteering in the school system in the UK. The book includes lesson plans and activities for different ages and orienteering levels.

Discovering Orienteering: Skills, Techniques and Activities

From the Publishers: Discovering Orienteering: Skills, Techniques, and Activities offers a systematic approach to learning, teaching, and coaching orienteering. Readers learn a handful of easy-to-remember skills, techniques, and processes that are reinforced through more than 60 ready-to-use activities. Presented in a lesson plan format, these activities assist educators in applying the benefits of orienteering across the curriculum.

Orienteering and Map Games for Teachers

A 50 page book with lots of diagrams, full of games and instruction for teachers for pre-school, elementary and secondary school students. Originally published in 1996, it was updated and reprinted in 2011.

Orienteering Canada LTAD Guide

Orienteering Canada recently produced these beautiful books introducing their new Long Term Athlete Development plan.

Orienteering: Crowood Sports Guides - Skills, Techniques, Training

126 pages full of pictures, maps and good reading. This book, published in 2010, includes an introduction to orienteering, basic and advanced skills and techniques, orienteering tactics, preparation for a race, performance analysis, creating a training plan, and more.

Adventure Racing

From the Publishers:

Take the ultimate endurance challenge! Adventure Racing is the complete guide to the skills, equipment, strategies, navigation, and nutrition used by the top adventure racers around the globe. Start with the right gear to perform your best - even in desert, rainforest, and subzero environments. Then learn the skills for trekking, mountain biking, canoeing and kayaking, and mountaineering. Insights on team strategy, use of support crews, map reading, and magnetic deviation will keep you on track. And the right fuel for changing conditions, medical know-how, and survival skills will keep you in the race. Profiles and stories from the top races and adventure racers provide a taste of the exciting challenges of the sport. They'll inspire you to test yourself time and again in the most addictive team endurance sport on the planet.