Latest update: February 26, 2018

Silva Compasses, Silva flags and punches now available!

The O-Store if very happy to now be able to carry Silva compasses, Silva flags and Silva punches.  The 30 cm flags include a reflective diagonal stripe - great for all round use, but especially great for night orienteering. Flags can be purchased individually or in sets of 10.  The O-Store now carries the Race Jet and the Race S Jet compass. The difference between the two is in the face of the compass housing.  The Race Jet has nothing on the housing except a direction line.  Race S Jet (S for Spectra) has Silva's coloured sections in a band around the outside edge of the housing.  For both compasses, the housing does not turn.  These compasses come with a very nice compass case to keep it protected between orienteerng sessions.

O-Store Book Promotion - Great prices on books!

Interested in seeing what books there are out there to help you with your orienteering?  The O-Store has a special deal on from now until March 4.  Check it out on our new Promotions Page.

Aluminum Posts are back!

A few years ago we were selling aluminum posts for flags and SI controls.   We now have these available to purchase again.  They are the same price as the fibreglass posts.  You choose your preference.

Looking for something you don't see on our website?

We are always trying to improve our selection for orienteers, adventure racers, organizers, coaches and teachers.  Give us a call or e-mail us any time.  Please note our new phone number: 1-844-967-8673 (1-844-9-OSTORE). FOr e-mail: anne, jeff or erict @ 

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Some of the recommended books available with our Book Promotion: