Latest update: November 16, 2016

As the major competition season winds down, it is time for the O-Store to restock.  We are always on the lookout for new and interesting products to be able to offer orienteers from across Canada and beyond.  A few new items for us, and a few that we have had at our set-up at races but not yet on our website:

Australia / New Zealand Compasses

For the World Masters Orienteering Championships in New Zealand in 2017, you will want an Australia / New Zealand compass (see our article on  compass zones).  The O-Store now has the Moscompass model 8 (rainbow) compass for New Zealand!

Colour-Blind-Friendly O-Flags

We have recently received our first shipment of orienteering flags with a diagonal blue stripe - especially coveted by colour blind orienteers.  These new flags sell at the same price as our regular flags.

The "Ekens Lupp" Magnifying Lens

The O-Store is happy to now be able to offer two alternatives for a magnifying lens for your compass.  A new product, designed and produced by elite Swedish orienteer, Johan Ek-Larsson fits with your compass, independent of the compass brand.  

 Vavrys Full Length Race Pants

The O-Store now has full length Race pants by Vavrys - a very nice pant, with shaped knees, mesh at the back of the middle leg. Comfy, good in warm weather, fits well!

A Cheap Whistle

After years of searching, we finally found a good, cheap, flat, loud whistle!  Buy them individually or in packages of 50 for your club or organization.

Looking for something you don't see on our website?

We are always trying to improve our selection for orienteers, adventure racers, organizers, coaches and teachers.  Give us a call or e-mail us any time.  You can reach us at 1-866-844-7687 or at any of anne, jeff or erict @ 

We operate the O-Store from our home in Ottawa, Ontario.