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The Winning Eye / L'oeil qui gagne

The Winning Eye. How to Succeed Through Map Reading. L'oeil qui gagne. Reussir par la lecture de carte. Par/by Michel Gueorgiou.

Aluminum Control Posts for BSF-8, set of 10

These stands were developed by the O-Store keeping in mind that we want light weight, easy-to-carry, space efficient stands with an option to have the pin punch attached to the post. They are made from light-weight aluminum , and have a SPORTident bracket attached. There is an option to have the back-up pin punch permanently mounted underneath the plastic bracket, avoiding the need to have punches dangling from flags and tangling themselves up as you carry them through the forest to and from the control sites. Control flags are typically looped over the bracket, and are held in place by the SI control. Post is 89 cm (35 inches) tall. Total weight of one set of 10 is 2 kg.

SIAC Timing Chip

The SIAC (SI Air+ touchless timing chip) is the newest and fastest timing chip available. See below for details of the touchless system. Upgrade to a 25 cm timing chip strap to allow it to be worn around the wrist for ski orienteering. Add a wrist safety strap as extra protection to prevent accidental loss during an event.
We now have in stock Michel Gueorgiou's excellent book in both English and French.
Last year, the O-Store spent much time, many aluminum rods and loads of experimentation with our new CNC router developing a new Control flag post. We are very pleased with our final product.
Following the success of the partnership with GVOC for their Sprint Camp the O-Store is making a similar offer to people attending Sage Stomp and Team Trials in Kelowna.