Latest update: November 21, 2017

Aluminum Posts are Available Once Again  

A few years ago we were selling aluminum posts for flags and SI controls.   We now have these available to purchase again.  They are the same price as the fibreglass posts.  You choose your preference.

Happy Birthday Orienteering Canada!

2017 is Orienteering Canada's 50th Anniversary. As part of their celebrations, OC is selling 50th Anniversary t-shirts, badges and stickers with the help of the O-Store.  Check out our Orienteering Canada section.  The pre-ordered shirts have arrived and are being sent out to those who ordered.  A limited number of extra shirts are available to order online for anyone who is interested.

Orienteering Reference Guides 

The O-Store has created 6 full pages of orienteering reference guide for orienteers, clubs, schools, cadets, junior and adult beginner programmes - well, in fact, for anyone who is interested!  An easy to follow guide to map legends, control descriptions, orienteering courses. See sample pictures in the right sidebar.  Purchase on waterproof paper or laminated in plastic, or download for free, courtesy of the O-Store!

Looking for something you don't see on our website?

We are always trying to improve our selection for orienteers, adventure racers, organizers, coaches and teachers.  Give us a call or e-mail us any time.  Please note our new phone number: 1-844-967-8673 (1-844-9-OSTORE). FOr e-mail: anne, jeff or erict @ 

We operate the O-Store from our home in Ottawa, Ontario.