BS8-D Time Master

The SI-Master BS8-D is an extended SI control. In addition to being able to be programmed by you like any other control, it can also be used as a Time Master, and as an Extended Time Master. A Time Master allows the quick setting of the real-time clocks in other controls. As Extended Time Master it additionally clears the backup memory of the other controls. See the downloads section below for more info.


A universal orienteering control station. It can be programmed to the following modes: Clear / Check / Start / Finish or numbered control.


The BSF8 Timing Control comes as either a "display top" (DT) unit or a "display bottom" (DB) unit. This distinction refers to the location of the LCD readout on the control - either on the top or the bottom of the unit. In general, if a control is to have a control code sticker on its top surface, the "display bottom" unit is recommended. The DB unit is available in blue or red. The DT unit is available in blue only.


Serial Port based main station Allows programming of controls, downloading of fingerstick information


Main station with USB interface to computer. Allows programming of controls and downloading of finger-stick information See the downloads section below for a document describing the features of this control.


Download station with USB interface to computer. Allows programming of controls and downloading of finger-stick information. This unit does not contain an internal battery, it is powered by the USB port. It features very low power consumption, the laptop battery will not be stressed. The unit will retain all downloads even if the unit is unplugged for a while.

ComCard Pro

Moscompass compass with built-in SI-10. Choose your compass module and orientation (left vs right).

ComCard Up

Moscompass compass with built-in SI-8. Choose your compass module and orientation (left vs right).


This coupler is needed to enable communication between a USB or RS232 main station and a control. Insert the coupler into the hole of the main station and lay the control on top of the main station. The control will send the RF signal from the one control to the other.

Enduro Set

This is a complete set to handle the timing for Enduro races. Your event can have up to 5 stages (and more can be added with extra control stations), and the racers will record the time on timing cards that every biker carries with him/her. As soon as the biker arrives at the finish, the timing data can be downloaded and published. The timing cards are reusable. Extra timing cards are available. Please contact us. Custom designed cards can be arranged. The Enduro set includes the following items: 50 timing cards (pCards 5 Start and 5 Finish timing controls 1 time master to prepare the timing cards and quickly synchronize the timing controls 1 USB timing card reader 1 coupling stick, 1 Service/Off management finger-stick

Mounting holders for BS7 or BS8 controls

The older, larger BS7s and the smaller, newer BS8s each have two options for mounting holders. One is the bracket - a piece that runs lengthwise, with the control snapping into place. The other is the plate - a piece the size of the base of the control, into which the control snaps.

RS-232 Serial to USB Adapter

This adapter has been tested and works well with SPORTident equipment on XP (SP3) and up (tested on XP [32-bit], Windows 7 [64-bit] and Windows 8.1 [32-bit]). Drivers are native in Windows 7 and up (possibly also Vista). The latest drivers can be downloaded from href=!PAGETYPE?sq=26886 Note the files on the right near the top, and click on the appropriate file icon