SIAC (in stock in Canada)

These finger sticks have the same features as the SI-10, but also give visual confirmation that a control was punched successfully.  It does this by the finger stick tip blinking for 5 seconds after a punch. For a comparison of the available finger sticks, please href=/files/SPORTident_Control_Cards_o-store.pdf click here These dibblers (finger sticks) are in stock in Canada, and will be shipped the following day.They come with a finger strap. Room for 131 time stamps (Clear, Start, Finish, 128 controls) Note: Only works with BSF7 and BSF8 controls, which must have firmware 5.74 or later; Speed: 60 ms. First Name and Last Name will be programmed into the finger stick (and can be changed by anybody with a BSM7 main control). The following SIAC timing sticks are available for immediate shipment:
Manufacturer: SportIdent