Orienteering Kits

Compass Set, #22 Tourist

This set of compasses is great for school groups, cadet groups, Scouts and Guides groups.
From $24.00

Flag and Punch Kit

Build your own starter kit! By default, comes with 10 15cm flags, 10 punches, 200 cards. Adjust flag size, flag and punch quantity, and add punch cards as desired.

SportIdent School Kit

This is an ideal starter set for Schools and Orienteering clubs. It consists of: 20 SI-Cards (SI-8) The printout set, consisting of: BS7-P printout station Thermal printer MCP7830 by Martel RS232 mini USB cable RS232 null modem cable Power brick</li> Service/Off Instruction finger-stick Clear Backup Instruction finger-stick Print Results instruction finger-stick Start instruction finger-stick Extra rolls of thermal paper for printer 1 Transport case for printout set 12 SportIdent control stations BSF8-DB (red), configured as: 1x START 10x Controls 31-40 1x FINISH 1 BSF8-D Master Control 1 BS8-USB Mini Reader 1 Coupling stick Latest SportIdent software (SI-Config, SI-Print, SI-Boot, SI-Personal, SIMEse) 1 Transport case for control units and SI-8 cards