Odds and Ends

Fox 40 Pearl Whistle

The Pearl Fox 40 Whistle. Many colours to choose from. Pealess whistle - no moving parts to freeze up in the winter. Comes with a breakaway lanyard (will pull apart for safety if snagged).

Rain Visor

Clear, see-through rain visor to keep the rain off your face and glasses.

Silvandersson Tick Lasso

We found the Silvandersson Tick Lasso, and tried it out when a tick (in)conveniently embedded itself in my thigh. It was simple, painless, worked first try, no ouchy pinching or nipping of the skin by mistake, no bits of the tick left behind. Best results for removing a tick that we have ever had. So here it is, available for everyone to try.

High Performance Program Buff

All profits from the sale of these buffs go directly to Orienteering Canada's High Performance Program. Not only will buying one of these give $10 towards helping Canada's top orienteers perform at an international level but it gives you stylish headwear to wear year round while running and orienteering.

Nexus Orange Whistle

A nicely priced whistle, relatively flat, good sound, sits nicely in your back pocket when orienteering.

Compass Case

A hard shelled case with a zipper close. Has two internal pockets. Can hold two compasses or a compass and a magnifier. Made by Silva.