Race Jet

The Silva Race Jet compass has no markings on the compass housing except for the direction line. The housing does not turn.
The compass comes in left or right hand models.

Silva 30cm Reflective Control Flag

Silva's competition sized (30 cm) orienteering flag includes a diagonal reflective stripe to make it ideal for night orienteering, in addition to use in regular daytime events. The flag comes with a cord and snap hook attached for easy hanging. The material and frame are somewhat sturdier than those of the Vavrys flag.
From $9.00

Silva Orienteering Punches, set of 10

Silva punches are sold in set of 10. There are two pattern sets, series A and series B. Punches come with a cord to attach them to a flag, and also with holes in the base to permantly attach them to an orienteering control post.

Race S Jet

The Silva Race S Jet compass has coloured sections in a band around the outside edge of the compass housing. The housing does not turn.
An interesting feature of this compass is that while North, South, East and West are indicated on the compass housing, East and West appear opposite to what one would normally expect on a compass. East is marked to the left of North. The idea is that, since the housing does not turn, when your north arrow points at E. you are heading east. This works for all for compass points.
The Silva Race S Jet is available only as a left hand compass. Our apologies to those of you who would want it as a right model.

Race Plate Zoom

The Silva Race Plate Zoom has the same quality module as the Race Jet compass, but comes on a base plate and with a built-in magnifier.

Compass Case

A hard shelled case with a zipper close. Has two internal pockets. Can hold two compasses or a compass and a magnifier. Made by Silva.

Silva 15cm Control Flag

Silva's 15 cm flag has a reflective diagonal stripe for great visibility for night orienteering. The smaller size is popular for training, park and urban events, and school orienteering kits.
From $7.50

Silva Map Measurer Path

The Silva Map Measurer Path is a traditional analog tool to measure distance on a map. It shows 8 different scales (4 on each side) for maps of 1:15,000, up to 1:750,000. For orienteers, it is easy to adapt the 1:100,000 or the 1:50,000 scale for a 1:10,000 or 1:5,000 map. Or use the 1:100,000 scale to measure cm directly on the map (eg. 30 on the map measurer = 30 cm on the map).

Silva Map Measurer Plus

Silva's Map Measurer Plus is a digital tool to measure your distance on your map - orienteering or other! You can set the scale on the Map Measurer to anything from 1:1 to 1:1million.

Silva Compass Set Box

Store your set of compasses in a handy portable case, whether for your school, club, or programme. Holds 28 compasses.

Silva Cross Trail 5

From Silva: " A lightweight and comfortable headlamp with generous burn time, multi attachment options and an easy-to-use, AA battery pack." For full details see below to download the manual.

Silva Exceed 2X

From Silva: "Exceed 2X blends our most powerful light with a compact and lightweight battery pack that fits comfortably even on the neck plate. " For full details check below to download the manual