Stephen Stagg Series

Stephen Stagg is a delightful character that your child will fall in love with! Choose from the three books in the series or purchase a collection!
Picture of Stephen Stagg
Stephen Stagg
This delightful children's book about Stephen Stagg, the orienteering deer, is a storybook full of rhymes, colourful pictures, puzzles to solve, and armchair orienteering. Let Stephen take you on a journey to each of the eleven controls on his course. You'll pass boulders and fences, hills and clearings, smelly swamp land and dried-up streams. How do you think Stephen will do at his race?
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Picture of Billygoat Run
Billygoat Run
Stephen Stagg is back! This time he's competing against members of the Gotesburg Orienteering Athletic Team (GOAT), including Nick O'Kidman, Billie de Kidd, Van Goght, and Ima Kidding. The race is the annual Billygoat Run, a super fun orienteering race in the US. The story is enjoyable for kids and adults alike, with flowing rhymes and beautiful illustrations. And it's not over when you reach the end of the story! There are three pages that are jam-packed with puzzles and riddles, a perfect activity for the young orienteer!
Old price: $25.00
Picture of The COVID Paper Chase
The COVID Paper Chase
Even Stephen Stagg, the orienteering deer, was affected by the toilet paper shortage of COVID-19. He's on a hunt to find this coveted item and comes across many obstacles and puzzles along the way. From the creator of the original Stephen Stagg book comes a wonderful new story and collection of activities that you can do with your children from the safety and comfort of your own home.
Picture of Stephen Stagg Set
Stephen Stagg Set
Want to check out all three of Stephen Stagg's orienteering stories? Let us offer you a discount if you purchase them together!