Silvandersson Tick Lasso

We found the Silvandersson Tick Lasso, and tried it out when a tick (in)conveniently embedded itself in my thigh. It was simple, painless, worked first try, no ouchy pinching or nipping of the skin by mistake, no bits of the tick left behind. Best results for removing a tick that we have ever had. So here it is, available for everyone to try.

Customer review from Patricia Laurich:

"Got ticks? You need the Tick Lasso! It is the BEST tick remover! It is by far the best tool we have found to remove ticks (we have tried 3 other models) AND this is the only one that has worked for teeny-tiny ticks. The other day I had a nymph, about the size of a poppy seed, attached and with the lasso I was able to remove it intact! Check out the Silvandersson Tick Lasso at the in Ottawa for yourself! Seriously, it's a must have for any of you that spend time in the outdoors these days."