O-Store Services

Contact us for more information and prices regarding any of the following services! 


Custom Race Bibs

The O-Store designs and prints custom race bibs, with personalized athlete information


Custom Clothing

The O-Store designs custom clothing for clubs and teams wanting to update their look or spruce up their event


Custom Souvenir Flags

The O-Store offers custom mini flags (6x6cm) ideal for club member souvenirs and event swag


Custom Competition Flags

The O-Store offers custom competition flags (15 or 30cm) printed with your club or event logo 


Equipment Rental

The O-Store rents SI-10 and SIAC timing chips and SPORTident timing equipment



SPORTident Repairs

The O-Store is the authorized SPORTident repair depot for North America.  To read our SPORTident specific blog, visit sportident.ca


SIAC Battery Exchange

The O-Store offers battery exchanges for SIAC timing chips, both from our store location and whenever we are onsite at major orienteering events in Canada