MTB Enduro Set - Large

This set contains everything you need to host an Enduro race with six stages.
Manufacturer: SPORTident


Basic ComponentsProduct PicturesUnits
SPORTident Timing Chips (SIAC)300
SPORTident Control Station (BS11-BL small - Start)6
SPORTident Control Station (BS11-BL large - Finish)6
SPORTident Control Stations (BSF8-DB blue - CLEAR, CHECK, SIAC Test, SIAC OFF)4
SPORTident Radio USB Dongle2
SPORTident Main Station (BSM7-USB - Readout)2
SPORTident Elastic Wrist Bands (25cm)300
Mounting holder for BS11-BS small6
Coupling stick 1
Instruction card "Service/OFF" 1
Transport case grey, with insert 1
SiTiming software licence included for 1 year 1