How to Choose: SI Timing Sticks

How to Choose: SI Timing Sticks

Are you trying to determine which SPORTident timing stick is best for you? Continue reading for a comparison of each of the available options.

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Control Capacity3050128128 20
Speed115ms 115ms 60ms 

50ms(Air+) /


ColoursRed or Blue body; black tip Wide variety of colours for both body and tip Transparent body; five colour options for tip Six colour options for body; white tipN/A
Special Features    Recommended for groups/ schools 
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Factors to Consider when Choosing your SI Stick

Control Capacity

What is the maximum number of controls you will check in at in each race (including any mispunches!)? 30 is great for almost all regular orienteering events.  50 is better for Rogaines or Adventure Racing. 128 is… a very long race!


This is the amount of time (in milliseconds) that the stick has to be in contact with the control to register a time.  Yes, we realize that this isn't actually a measurement of speed, but this what they call it.  It affects your ability to “run through” the control without slowing down.  To offer some perspective, 115ms is 0.115 seconds! Still pretty quick!

Contactless Punching

For ambitious orienteers who want to shave as much time as possible off their race, the contactless punching option (only available in the SIAC) reduces punch time to a mere 50ms but also removes the need for accuracy in inserting the chip into the control’s timing box.  This means that you don’t even need to slow down as you pass the control.


Some people find that it is nice to have different colour SI chips from other members of the family in order to easily distinguish.  Some also like to have a colour that is easy to find if it falls on a forest floor.