Compasses and Accessories

For help choosing the right compass for you, take a look at our blog post - How to Choose: Compasses

Moscompass Competitive Models

Moscompass offers a wide selection of compasses modules for recreational and competitive orienteers. Compasses are available with many different plates.
From $58.00

Moscompass Model 8* Elite

The Model 8* Elite compass combines the stability of the Model 9 compass with the speed of the model 2 compass, using a special star shaped disk in the capsule. Select from any of the 6 Moscompass plate options.

Str8 Compass

A new compass from a new company. The Str8 compass has some few features that stand out:
- an adjustable thumb angle. Ever had to worry about whether your direction arrow was pointing straight ahead of you? The Str8 compass has three different angle settings for your thumb strap to avoid that problem
- an anti-slip map gripper on the base of the thumb plate
- a 95 mm direction line that runs right through the compass module
- a sharp corner at the tip to mark your spot on the map

Silva Race Jet Compasses

Longtime supplier of orienteering equipment around the world, Silva compasses are widely recognized.
Two rubber pads beneath the thumb aid in maintaining good contact with the map.
Each compass comes with a hard shell zippered carrying case, with space for a second compass, a magnifier, or an SI finger stick.
From $75.00

Silva Arc Jet Compass

The newest compass from Silva, the Arc Jet, has a reworked capsule design, and new removable thumb pad to allow users to customize the feel between thumb and map. The clear capsule allows for excellent map visibility. The Arc Jet comes with two thumb straps - a softer and a firmer version for personal choice.

Silva Arc Jet OMC Wrist compass

The Silva Arc Jet OMC compass is Silva's new wrist compass. One loop of the adjustable elastic strap goes around the wrist, while the other fits over the thumb, allowing it to sit comfortably and stay in place. The wrist compass fits on either left or right wrist. It is a super option for mountain bike and ski-orienteering .

Moscompass Model 11 Universal

This model is recommended for beginning orienteers and skilled tourists

Needle settling time: 1.5 - 2 sec
Stability during running: Good
Magnet: High Power
Scale unit: 2 degrees

Moscompass Model 22 Tourist

This is a beginner and tourist compass.

Needle settling time: Good
Stability during running: Poor
Magnet: Powerful
Scale unit: 2 degrees

Moscompass International Compasses

Did you know?
Compasses need to be balanced for different regions of the world. For orienteering outside of Europe or North America, you will want a different compass. The O-Store carries compasses for Brazil / South America and for Australia / New Zealand

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From $67.00

ComCard Pro

Moscompass compass with built-in SI-10. Choose your compass module and orientation (left vs right).

ComCard Up

Moscompass compass with built-in SI-8. Choose your compass module and orientation (left vs right).

Moscompass Lens Kit

This lens kit adds a lens about 1 inch (2.5 cm) above your map. It is mounted on an aluminum rod attached directly to your compass. It can be swiveled out of the way.

Only works with Moscompass compasses