With much improved physical changes, this new control station functions identically to its predecessor, the BSF8. See below for details. Every control station you order will come with a control sticker of your choice.
Manufacturer: SPORTident
  • The BSF9 is the same size as the BSF8, meaning no new mounting system is required

  • Functionally completely compatible with the BSF8

  • Improved water resistance – the hole for timing chip access doesn’t go through the unit, instead two rain gutters are built-in

  • A hole in each corner allows the unit to be secured with cables for increased theft prevention

  • The new units are sealed using screws for compression instead of the previously used silicone sealant, meaning it is more environmentally friendly

  • The LCD readout is on top, and there is sufficient room for the large size sticker

  • Top facing LCD has improved readability

  • Better placement of flashing feedback LED when punching – LED now around the timing chip hole.

For even more information, check out SPORTident's details page here