How to Choose: SI Timing Sticks
How to Choose: SI Timing Sticks
Are you trying to determine which SPORTident timing stick is best for you? Read on for a comparison of each of the available options.
The Winning Eye/L'oeil qui gagne
We now have in stock Michel Gueorgiou's excellent book in both English and French.
Aluminum Control Posts
Last year, the O-Store spent much time, many aluminum rods and loads of experimentation with our new CNC router developing a new Control flag post. We are very pleased with our final product.
Holiday Gift Idea #5
Gift Suggestion #5 from the O-Store is our orienteering themed Rubik's-type cube.
Holiday Gift Idea #4

 O-Store Gift Suggestion #4

A set of 6 note cards by orienteering friend Silva Tratnik. 

Specially designed for the O-Store, three of these hand made cards feature an orienteering theme, the other three feature a floral theme.

A beautiful gift idea for any orienteer!

Stephen Stagg

As Christmas and the holiday season draw near the O-Store would like to help you by featuring some of our favourite holiday gift ideas.  Stephen Stagg is a new children's storybook by Betsy Giese that we highly recommend.

This wonderful book is full of coloured pictures, rhymes, riddles and puzzles and the story of Stephen Stagg, the orienteering deer, who is puzzling his way thorugh an orienteering course.  Read the book, study the drawings and then try solving the many puzzles at the end of the book.

What a great way to draw youngsters into the orietneering world!

SPORTident Repairs

If you have SPORTident controls that need batteries replaced or other repairs please ship them to us!

Compasses Around The World
Most of the compasses we sell are specifically balanced to North America and Europe. If you plan to orienteer elsewhere in the world, you may need a different compass. Check out the following article for more information.
Welcome to the New O-Store!

We are excited to introduce the O-Store on our new platform.   We hope you like it, and we welcome your comments.

Thank you to Alex Teutsch for his work at setting up our new store platform.