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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas
Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is on its way and if you've got orienteers on your shopping list, then you've come to the right place! We're here to help you find just the right gift for all the orienteers in your life.  Take a look at the following top ten gift ideas!


1. Handmade Note Cards

These greeting cards are perfect for orienteers to address notes, letters, or gifts to loved ones over the holidays.  They are designed and created by orienteer and artist Silva Tratnik.  What better way to celebrate the holidays than by supporting a local artist?Order here

2. Scents of Direction Lip Balm

This lip balm makes a great stocking stuffer.  It is created with all natural ingredients and has a delicious, lemony scent.  Fight the dry winter air with a delightful, locally made lip balm.Order here

3. Stephen Stagg Story and Puzzle Books

These adorable books will definitely become your child’s favourite.  With flowing rhymes, beautiful artistry, and fun puzzles, Stephen Stagg can be read many times and reveal something new every time.Order here

4. Murder at the 14th Control Novel

For the older reader in your family, Wilf Holloway’s classic Murder at the 14th Control is a must read for every orienteer.Order here

5. SI 10 Timing Chip

Does someone in your family need an upgrade to their SI timing chip? This is the perfect time to surprise your loved one with an SI timing chip that will help them achieve their orienteering goals.Order here

6. Orienteering Canada Buff

It’s getting chilly out there! Provide your beloved orienteer with a comfy, multi-purpose neck warmer and support Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Program at the same time.Order here

7. Orienteering Board Game

This is a fantastic game for the whole family! Imagine sitting by the fire, with a nice cup of hot chocolate, all cozy in your blankets, and having a great laugh as the family races toward the finish line of this orienteering board game.Order here

8. Orienteering Themed Rubik's Cube

Do you have a puzzler in your family? This orienteering themed rubik’s cube is a fun twist on the classic cube puzzle, with an extra challenge (orientation matters!)Order here

9. Orienteering Bumper Sticker

Everyone knows someone whose car is an homage to all of their marvelous adventures.  These bumper stickers are an excellent addition to any orienteer’s bumper sticker collection.  Or maybe this gift will jumpstart a new love of collecting bumper stickers.Order here

10. Gift Card for

Got an orienteer who’s tricky to buy gifts for? How about a gift card for Canada’s orienteering store? You can choose the value so they will be certain to find something they’ll love.Order here





Holiday Gift Idea #5
Gift Suggestion #5 from the O-Store is our orienteering themed Rubik's-type cube.
Holiday Gift Idea #4

 O-Store Gift Suggestion #4

A set of 6 note cards by orienteering friend Silva Tratnik. 

Specially designed for the O-Store, three of these hand made cards feature an orienteering theme, the other three feature a floral theme.

A beautiful gift idea for any orienteer!

Stephen Stagg

As Christmas and the holiday season draw near the O-Store would like to help you by featuring some of our favourite holiday gift ideas.  Stephen Stagg is a new children's storybook by Betsy Giese that we highly recommend.

This wonderful book is full of coloured pictures, rhymes, riddles and puzzles and the story of Stephen Stagg, the orienteering deer, who is puzzling his way thorugh an orienteering course.  Read the book, study the drawings and then try solving the many puzzles at the end of the book.

What a great way to draw youngsters into the orietneering world!