Blog posts of '2020' 'June'

How to Choose: Shoes
How to Choose: Shoes
Have your orienteering shoes finally bitten the dust? Hoping to find a pair that will suit your feet and your needs? Let the O-Store and our guest Emma Waddington, a national team member and ambassador for NVii shoes, help you find a pair of new O shoes! In this blog post, you will find some major ideas first, followed by an overview of the products available at the O-Store.
How to Choose: Control Description Holders
New to orienteering and wondering what those things on people's arms are for? Or do you have an old control description holder that's getting a little ratty? Let's walk through the available control description holders.
How to Choose: SI Timing Sticks
Are you trying to determine which SPORTident timing stick is best for you? Read on for a comparison of each of the available options.