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Silva Race S Jet Compass 

Our Price: C$ 75.00 
The Silva Race S Jet compass has has coloured sections in a band around the outside edge of the compass housing.   The housing does not turn. 

An interesting feature of this compass is that while North, South, East and West are indicated on the compass housing, East and West appear opposite to what one would normally expect on a compass.  East is marked to the left of North.  The idea is that, since the housing does not turn, when your north arrow points at "E". you are heading east.  THis works for all for compass points.

Two rubber pads beneath the thumb aid in maintaining good contact with the map.  

The Silva Race S Jet is availabe on as a left hand compass.  Our apologies to those of you who would want it as a right model.

It also comes with a hard shell zippered carrying case, wtih space for a second compass, a magnifier, or an SI finger stick.