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O-Store Reference Guide Set 

Our Price: C$ 10.00 
The O-Store has created a series of Reference Guides for orienteers, adventure racers, coaches, teachers, cadets groups, school groups, junior programs and just about everyone.  

The Control Descriptions Reference Guide is two full pages - one sheet, double sided - of control descriptions and instructions on how to interpret them.
The Orienteering Map Legend and Sprint Orienteering Map Legend Reference Guides  show you all the features you will find on an orienteering map and tells you how to interpret them.
The Orienteering Course and Basic Instructions  Reference Guides show an orienteering course with pointers to get through it successfully, and give you a set of guidelines for getting started in orienteering.

Purchase a complete set of 3 in full colour on waterproof paper or laminated for more durability.  Also available for download, compliments of the O-Store.

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