Orienteering Reference Guides:  The O-Store has created a set of Reference Guides for orienteers, coaches, programme leaders, teachers - welll, in fact, foar everyone.  You can purchase them from the O-Store either on waterproof paper or laminated in plastic.  You can also download them and print them yourself at no charge, courtesy of the O-Store: Control DescriptionsMap Legends (sprint and non-sprint), Instructions and Sample Course.

SPORTident ComCard Up and ComCard Pro Instructions:  Check here for how to use your SPORTident ComCard Up or ComCard Pro correctly.

Compasses Around the World:
  If you plan to orienteer outside your part of the world, you might check this article to see about whether you need a different compass.  

Selecting a Compass:  When you are trying to select a compass for yourself from the many Moscompass options, this flowchart may be of some assistance.  

Switching your Moscompass from One Hand to the Other:  On rare occasions you may want to switch a Moscompass from being right-handed to be left-handed, or vice versa.  This video should help you make the switch.