Latest update: June 4, 2015

National Orieneering Week

The O-Store is proud to partner with Orienteering Canada and Icebug to bring you the 2015 National Orienteering Week (NOW).  

From June 4 to June 16, orienteering and Orineteering Clubs across Canada are challenged to introduce newcomers to the great sport of Orienteering.  Check out Orienteering Canada's website for the many NOW events that will be happening across Canada.  

Join in the contests:

1. Post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #orienteerNOW to promote NOW, orienteering, or your club's NOW event;

2. Make a video that finishes the sentence "Orienteering is a great sport because . . ." and submit it to

3. E-mail us about your club's special NOW event and how many participants it attracted

Orienteering Canada will select winners from each of these contests to receive a $100 gift certificate from Icebug towards a pair of shoes.  Great shoes for off trail and orienteering!


Icebug Shoes at the O-Store!

The O-Store has been working with Icebug to bring a number of new and exciting Icebug shoes to orienteers and adventure racers across Canada.  Check out our new Icebug line-up! 

 Model  Genders Outsole
Acceleritas4 M & W Rubber studs
Zeal RB9X M & W Rubber studs
Zeal OLX M & W Metal studs
Spirit5 M & W Metal studs

Looking for something you don't see on our website?

We are always trying to improve our selection for orienteers, adventure racers, organizers, coaches and teachers.  Give us a call or e-mail us any time.  You can reach us at 1-866-844-7687 or at any of anne, jeff or erict @ 

We operate the O-Store from our home in Ottawa, Ontario.

Zeal-L-OLX Zeal-OLX Zeal-L-RB9X Zeal-RB9X