Spring = Orienteering!

Latest update:April 17, 2014

Spring has sprung and the O-Store has started to receive our spring shipments.
  • Lots of new Trimtex clothing;
  • Lots more compasses from Moscompass;
  • A new shiment of MIry MTB-O bike map boards;
  • Flags, punches and posts by the hundreds;
  • 30 and 40 litre chair backpacks from Letro-Sport - in some exciting new colours!
  • A new selection of SI-8s and SI-11s to choose from;
  • New for us - Nordenmark MTB-O bike map boards.

Looking for something we don't have?  Please let us know!  Give us a call our e-mail us any time.  We can be reached by phone at 1-866-844-7687 or by e-mail at any of anne, jeff or eric @ o-store.ca. 

We operate the O-Store from our home in Ottawa, Ontario