Eyeglasses and Magnifiers

Neoprene Glasses Strap

Bright red or navy neoprene strap to hold your glasses comfortable on your head. No more losing your glasses when running through the forest!

Vapro Down-cut Glasses

Vapro down-cut glasses are excellent for map reading on course, without having any lens in front of your eyes when looking out at the terrain. Comes in powers of 1.0, to 4.0 diopters, in 0.5 increments. Comes with a strap around the back of your head so you won't lose them, a polishing cloth, a bottle of anti-fog spray and a hard carrying case.

Ekens Lupp Magnifying Lens

This new magnifying lens for your compass fits on all brands of thumb compass. It comes in a left hand or right hand model, and attaches to your compass using the thumb strap. Created and sold by Swedish orienteer Johan Ek-Larsson, this magnifying lens is extremely sturdy and durable. The lens itself is of high quality.

Str8 Magnifier

This new magnifier is designed specifically to fit with the Str8 compass. It attaches to the compass using the thumb strap and has the same adjustable angle (plus or minus 20 degrees) that the Str8 thumb compass has. Comes with a strong, lightweight aluminum frame for more durability.

Moscompass Lens Kit

This lens kit adds a lens about 1 inch (2.5 cm) above your map. It is mounted on an aluminum rod attached directly to your compass. It can be swiveled out of the way.

Only works with Moscompass compasses