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Compass 11 with built-in SI-8 Finger Stick (in stock in Canada) 

Our Price: C$ 82.00 
 Brand New!
his SI finger-stick-in-a-compass is technically equivalent to the SI-8.  It is built into a MosCompass base-plate so you do not need to carry both items with you.  It works perfectly through multiple folds of a map, and is completely non-ferrous and thus does not affect the compass module.

Just hold the module over the finger-stick hole to punch the control.  See video!
For a comparison of the available finger sticks, please click here.
These dibblers (finger sticks) are in stock in Canada, and will be shipped the following day.  They come with a finger strap.
Room for 33 time stamps (Clear, Start, Finish, 30 controls)
Speed: 115 ms.  First Name and Last Name will be programmed into the finger stick (and can be changed by anybody with a BSM7 main control).

The following SI-ComCard-UP compass bases are available: