SPORTident Equipment Servicing

The O-Store is the authorized service depot for SPORTident equipment for North America.  For more information on SI equipment maintenance and repairs, check out our sister site,  The site will also provide you with tips and tricks and inside information about SI equipment.

SPORTident Battery Replacements  For battery replacements we generally ask that we have your units for approximately one week.  If you need faster service, please contact us.  For large quantities (more than 15 controls), we suggest you contact us in advance (if you are wanting a one week turn-around) to ensure that we have the battery supply you need when your controls arrive.

SPORTident Repairs

In addition to replacing the batteries in your SPORTident control units, the O-Store can look after repairs of all your SPORTident equipment.   If you have control units or printers in need of attention and TLC please contact erict at or

Contact Info

E-mail:  erict at or
Phone:  1-866-844-7687
Regular Mail:  we are in Ottawa, Ontario.  Please send us a quick e-mail to request our mailing address for sending equipment for repair and battery replacement.